The harmful effects of pesticides

by admin on May 5, 2010

There’s a reason why the skull and crossbones sign for poison is embedded on the labels of pesticides. It’s more of a grim premonition of what these chemicals are capable of – that in the end, it’s us human beings who will feel its dangerous effects down to our bones.

Pesticides are widely condemned all over the world because of its various harmful effects. But what exactly are these effects? Are gasmasks not that helpful anymore? Just when you thought it was all about staying away during fumigation, it’s not really that simple.

Health issues

Pesticides are used for agricultural purposes for obvious reasons. But it’s even more obvious that the chemicals that drive insects away are dangerous to our health. In a report posted in, scientific research claims that exposure to pesticides can be related to increased risks of cancer among children and adults.

Apparently, exposure is not only limited to inhaling its fumes because the fruits and vegetables that you’re about to eat could be tainted with pesticides. According to a report by Yahoo! Green, washing it under the tap just doesn’t do the trick. Government research discovered that fruits and vegetables prepared and cooked at home still contain chemical residues.

Dr. Walter Crinnion, a naturopathic doctor in his article in the Huffington Post website said that pesticides when consumed attack the brain, causing depression, headache, fatigue, memory loss and inability to think clearly. He also confirmed that we do get the toxic compounds from these pesticides from eating our favorite conventional fruits and vegetables like apples, bell peppers, strawberries, lettuce, carrots, cherries and many more.

The effects in wildlife

Aside from our health, pesticides have also affected the biodiversity of animals like birds and amphibians. In Sequoia National Park in Sierra Nevada for example, falcons are not able to reproduce properly because their eggs are found to have traces of pesticides, according to an article posted in the website of the US National Park Service. The presence of chemical residues in the park may have also been the cause of the decline in the number of yellow-legged frogs in the park.

No panic in organic

Organic farming, an environment friendly form of agriculture is currently promoted all over the world to reduce the effects of these dangerous pesticides. This method produces the healthy and safe to eat organic foods, one of the best-selling goods in the market today. Dr. Crinnion recommends increasing your intake of organic fruits and vegetables to reduce the risks of these poisonous toxins.

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